Hiiiiieee! ^_^

Welcome to Alcryst no Miko's (aka Sara's) cute lil' shrine to the BEST PRINCE in all of Elyos!

Alcryst: u_u N-no, please don't, I'm the WORST Prince of all!

Nooo you're not! *ahem* Sorry, Alcryst gets like that sometimes. But he really is super cute, a REALLY good shot with a bow (the BEST archer in the game, actually, sry Etie and Fogado), has a beautiful voice (thanks Micah Solusod!!), and best of all he's soooo humble and sweet but super strong. He may not like himself, but he'll do anything to protect the people he loves! *swoons*

Alcryst: ^^;; I don't know about this. I bet you could've made a better shrine about Diamant than me...

Oh, don't be silly! Diamant would agree with me and you know it!

*ahem* Anyway!

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